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1. Category : Manufacturing / Operations

Offered e-learning courses:

2. Category : Lean Six Sigma / Quality

Offered e-learning courses:

3. Category : Soft-skills for Management

Offered e-learning courses:

4. Category : Sales and Marketing

Offered e-learning courses:

  • Certified Leader in Lean Sales and Marketing for Creating Profitable Sales Growth (LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR BASED) View Detail & Register

5. Category : Business Excellence and OPEX

Offered e-learning courses:

6. Category : Sunday LIVE Webinars - Specific Topics

Offered e-learning courses:

7. Category : Top Management CEO Level Program

Offered e-learning courses:

Registration and Fee

  1. Click on Tab ‘List of e-learning courses’
  2. Click on Tab 'View Course details'
  3. Fill up the information i.e. Name, E-mail, Country, Mobile number
  4. Review the course details and check the box under each title
  5. Click on ‘Registration & Payment’
  6. Login as New User or Existing User
  7. Fill-up the Registration Form
  8. Click on ‘Proceed for Payment’
  9. Make online payment
  10. Start Learning from Module-1
  11. Ask the questions using ‘Ask Questions Tab’
  12. Take online examination during course
  13. Qualify the passing criteria
  14. Get Your Certificate through e-mail.


Total Marks 100 for each module

Qualifying Criteria for certificate:

Minimum 50% in each module and average 50% for all modules or this criterion may vary depending on course type, please refer the specific course after registration and payments before start of taking course.

e-learning course structure:

a) E-learning course has certain number of modules ranging 1-5 modules to complete the course.
b) Each module consists of certain topics and study material and its specified duration to complete, Candidate must complete the study of each module in specified time-limit-duration i.e. in days.
c) The starting and completion date is automatically activated upon successful completion of registration and payment for the course.
d) Each module study material can be viewed in slide view feature.
e) Usually, at the end of each module there will be online examination through exam-link which will be auto-activated usually one day prior to specified completion duration of respective module.
f) Exam link is time-bound and will expire after its specified duration.
g) Candidate to take online exam for each module to qualify for the study of next module.
h) Next module will be activated only upon qualifying the exam of previous module.
i) In certain courses, the exam may be at the end of all modules or end of certain number of modules.
j) Candidate must qualify all the modules to be eligible for course certificate as per the qualifying criteria.
k) E-copy of the certificate will be e-mailed to registered e-mail of candidates (only upon qualifying the last module’ examination of the course).
l) Print copy of certificate is not applicable for e-learning courses, candidates may take print of e-copy of their certificate.
m) Course will be automatically deactivated in system on successful completion of course.
n) In case, candidates couldn’t qualify the exam for module in first attempt, he/she may request for re-exam link, only one additional opportunity is provided as a standard (no-extra fee is to be submitted for this one-additional opportunity).
o) In case candidate couldn’t qualify .

About PBGI and E-Learning Courses

Welcoming you to the e-learning – ASCB (E) UK Accredited Courses!!!

Rajesh Kumar Sharma
Honorary Advisor and Chief Faculty

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PBGI Business Consulting Pvt Ltd. is a Private Limited company incorporated under GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS under the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and that the company is limited by shares. The Corporate Identity Number of the company is U93010GJ2018PTC101763.

We are into Training, Management and Business Consulting, we service in four main domains both on-site and off-site:

PBGI is mainly into Management Training & Development, Leadership Coaching and Business Improvement Consulting, we provide service in four main domains both on-site and off-site:

  • Facilitating profitable business growth.
  • Solving the problems in achieving specific business targets.
  • Developing the people to improve organization.
  • Establishing the management systems for organization.

We are known in an industry for conducting high-quality premium workshops and workshop-oriented short-term courses in major cities pan India (currently operating in Vadodara, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkatta and Jaipur) and Internationally in Asian and European countries on business growth and business improvement related topics for Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing & Quality, Product Design & Development and Innovations, Operations and Supply Chain, Hospitals and on ASCB (Europe) UK listed courses-see the currently offered list of ASCB (Europe) accredited courses at the end of this brochures.

Each training course and workshop is innovatively designed, developed and delivered in unique to Grasp the Topic to Implement by participants in their Your Own Business Workplace. courses are aiming on creating Excellence within respective scope of topic.

These courses are in the category of:

  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Design & Development,
  • Manufacturing and Operations,
  • Lean Six Sigma and Quality,
  • Supply Chain,
  • Healthcare - Hospital,
  • Soft-skills for Management

Highlights of E-learning courses:

  • These courses are compiled version of our workshop-oriented courses, means content of e-learning courses are equivalent to workshop-oriented courses
  • E-learning courses offered by PBGI are internationally accredited by ASCB (Europe) UK, its authenticity and validity can be verified at www.ascb.com
  • PBGI Business Consulting Pvt Ltd is certified as: 'PBGI Business Consulting Pvt Ltd has been assessed by ASCB(E) and has FULL TRAINING INSTITUTE accredited status for the ASB(G)21 standard. The scope of which covers:-Provision of training and examinations'.
  • Upon successfully completion of course (meeting the qualifying criteria of online exams for respective course)* the certificate is sent to registered and verified e-mail, students may verify the authenticity and validity of certificate at www.irqao.com (International Register of Quality Assessed Organization)
  • Please CLICK HERE and to know about registration process, terms and conditions, duration of course, about faculty, methodology of e-learning course, questions and answers during course, examination and qualifying criteria, process for appealing for re-test and re-check.
  • If you have any questions, you may use the 'Enquiry Now' tab given under details of your selected course to write us to know more.