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Incompany Programs

Manufacturing / Operations

Lean Six Sigma / Quality

Soft Skills for Management

Sales and Marketing

Business Excellence and OPEX

Top Management CEO Level Program


Enhance organizational output by efficiently implementing fact-based and data driven solutions.

  • In-company programs are offered in classroom and/or via online sessions, depending on the need of the organization. The company’s representative may contact us through the contact details given on our website.
  • These programs can be from our range of standard courses or customized to the specific requirement mutually agreed between PBGI and company’s program sponsor. Batch size for in-company programs shall be 10 to 15 for any standard course.
  • Interested organization can also nominate people in PBGI’s classroom courses or live online courses for any of our standard published courses/programs. In this case, schedule published on the website shall be followed.
  • The total duration of programs varies from course to course, company sponsored candidates may check the same before registering.
  • The standard certificate courses are accredited by ASCB USA; a renowned independent accreditation authority internationally. Customized courses/programs will be awarded with PBGI certificate.
  • PBGI has conducted several in-company programs both in the classroom as well as online, wherein professionals from varied organizations have attended, certified and upgraded their know-how and skills to improve their performance.